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The designer

Monika Dimova has discovered her passion for design at a young age. A fashion enthusiast and designer from the teenage years, her mother preserved her designs, and years later those sketches have found their way into the European fashion industry. 

She went on to study at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy.

She has always connected to the Italian fashion aesthetic and has deeply appreciated Italian craftsmanship and luxury which have turned out to be the foundation of her brand.

Her ability to choose the finest and most exquisite fabrics and materials, coupled with her imagination of a clean and luxurious feminine silhouette that celebrates a woman’s body are elements that help the brand provide elegant and delicate clothing.

The brand

Monika Dimova is a Luxury Ready-to-Wear brand founded in 2019. The brand takes its name from its Creative Director and Fashion Designer – Monika Dimova.

Her inspirations are driven from vintage fashion films and old glamour and Monika Dimova’s goal is to bring back the femininity and elegance of these women in unique and contemporary, timeless designs.

Excellence in design and craftsmanship has been known to determine Italian products and the brand’s vision is to reach a new standard of quality products while using carefully selected materials and textiles.

Elegance, delicacy, and sensuality collide in a single idea of luxury and are all elemental values that a Monika Dimova woman possesses; along with a refined, feminine, and sophisticated aesthetic which enhances the personality of this woman.

The philosophy of the brand is in fact: to make everyone who wears a Monika Dimova dress feel glamorous in their every day life and to transport them into a fairytale of happiness that makes them feel unique and confident.